Things 06/09-06/16

Bought a pizza stone, tried it out (is pizza ever bad?), made some silicone molds for skulls, cast them in pottery, made a ghetto avocado tool because knives are scary, tried to hack the meatball recipe from Via Tribunali (needed to add more egg, or oil, but got the sauce spot on), made a toy sword and shield for a neighbor, tested new kale smoothie recipe with avocado, greek yogurt and frozen peaches!

Sketch Videos

I’m no Spencer Nugent @sketchaday, but I do sketch every day for work, or for fun. I currently use ProCreate for the iPad Pro – I think it gives the best flexibility to design and render out of many of the programs out there; the most akin to Photoshop, at least.  Hope you enjoy the videos!



Rubber Factory


When I first chased a few buddies from college up to the Pacific northwest, we had an idea to start a side business to tap into all our shared work experience. 2 of us went into UX/ UI and motion graphics, one went into the aerospace industry and I stuck with products / hardware.

Better late than never. Rubber Factory was officially born in 2017! We share the work evenly, for whoever wants to chip in, and so far the feed-back has been really positive.

You know when your colleagues have talent, but seeing it in practice in arenas you aren’t necessarily familiar is always an inspiration!

Fresh Starts

Thanks for joining me!

I’m trying a different format for this website, be it good or bad. Some of the old, and lots of the new, as I explore new software, technology, and experiences!

I love to cook! The science of combining the same elements together and varying time or proportion that yield vastly different results resonates with my approach to design.

There will be plenty of posts about food, but also lots of ceramics, science, tech and many others. I hope you learn something or enjoy what you see!